Taylor - the exciting 10k prequel to a brand new series, by fledgling author, K A Sands. The conclusion to Taylor is also available now. Ryder is a 35k novella and concludes their story. It is advised you read the full novel, Calling Time, in between, as Ryder may contain spoilers. All books are of different couples, but their stories are interwoven throughout and the books are interconnected standalones.

Seven years.

Two thousand, five hundred and fifty five days.

Too many seconds to count.

My lonely existence is scattered over countless towns and cities. I’d given up a long time ago. Lost my way. The only constant - my sister - lives the same lie.

A distraught encounter.

A passionate outburst.

One look. One touch. And the pain of yesterday manifests into something else. I forget I broke his heart, right along with my own. Remember the promises we made. Yet I walk away for a second time.
If only I’d take a gamble and reach.

On crumpled paper, I leave him a clue, one that speaks of hope and fear.

Of love.

The last pin has been pushed and now all I can do is wait…



© 2017 K A Sands.

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