Six hours.

Twenty one thousand, six hundred seconds.

One night.

A cold bed. My lover gone. Silence again.

Hidden beneath black and white swirls, hides my heart. Only one woman has ever coloured those pictures. I’m the man her mother warned her about, yet she’s my paragon of virtue.

My devil-may-care attitude stalls, life becomes set with fierce determination to do the right thing.
There’s no fight or flight, I’m all in.

I can’t breathe without her, can’t sleep without her warmth, can’t think without her by my side.

Shaky resolve won’t take no for an answer. I push until there’s no wall between us. The mistakes of my past will not define me. I will never apologise for them. I will cut them down and bring my woman home.

The last call has been made and now all I can do is wait…


Full of surprises and revelations, heartache and joy, Ryder is the conclusion you’ve all been waiting for. Please ensure that you have read Taylor, the prequel, before diving into Ryder. The story starts there. Contains possible spoilers for Calling Time, Book #1 in The Razer Series. It is better to read these books in order, although you can read Taylor & Ryder without Calling Time, they are interconnected standalones. Please note - 18+ due to adult content and mature themes.

© 2017 K A Sands.

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