Please note that Changing Tides has instances of m/f scenes (two) which are integral to the plot and the character of the main MC. It is not possible to tell this story without these scenes.

Twists and turns abound in K A Sands first M/M novel. An interconnected standalone full of action, suspense and toe-curling heat. You’d be a fool not to read! Please be aware, this book contains distressing and mature themes and you must be 18+ to read.

Changing Tides

Twenty six years.

Nine thousand, four hundred and ninety days.

Every hour, a relief.

I’m a thug. A pusher. A low life. Governed by the hand that feeds me and holds my sister against me. I am named ‘Gripp’ for good reason. Every breath I take is one I hold dear, for my life dictates a short span.

I hit on women to save face, while I screw men in back alleyways to hide. My brazen attempt to seduce my sister’s best friend fell short, leaving me spiralling out of control. I’m not good enough for Ayden Rinaldi, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.

I want him with a passion I have never felt before.

The chips are stacked against me, against us. The muddy waters I tread, taint all who come near. On bended knees, my world finally rips itself apart, leaving me sinking to the bottom of my black existence. In death’s darkest hour, I am lost, Ayden a shadow of the man he once was.

But he is my anchor.
I am his.

And we must swim these choppy waters before they drown us.


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